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Oslo, Norway: "The world's
largest gang of  thugs, murderers, and rapists is masquerading as a
religion of peace," says Adrian Stavig, a resident of Oslo.

Beginning this past January, the new Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna
Solberg began a program which targets and deports Muslims who have ties
to radical groups. 

While many in America would say this is racist, it's worked in dramatic
fashion. Violent crimes are down more than 31% in Norway.

What a shocker.

Perhaps the rest of Europe and
the United States could learn a lesson or two about radical Islam here.
Deport the radicals, keep the moderates, and everybody wins.

From Oslo local news:

A record number of people were deported by Norwegian authorities in October, said government sources.

The National Police Immigration Service Norway (Politiets
Utlendingsenhet – PU) deported 824 people in October, which is a new

The previous record was set in September, the month prior, when 763 people were deported, reported Dagsavisen.

PU believe some of the reasons for the rise in figures are more
resources, more staff and a change of “portfolio priorities”. It has
also become easier for Norwegian authorities to deport people back to Afghanistan and Nigeria.

Kristin Kvigne, head of PU, said to Dagsavisen: “This month helps us reach our goal for this year.”

Norway’s government has ruled that 7,100 people will be deported in
2014. At the end of October, PU had deported 5,876 people so far this

A percentage of those deported in 2014 were asylum seekers who had
their application for continued asylum rejected. They were then deported
along with their families. The majority of deportees, however, had
committed crimes, or had returned illegally to Norway after being

said it was important to view the high number of deportations made by
PU in the context of falling crime rates across the country.

Not everybody in Norway is happy with the increased deportations. One academic slammed the new policies:

“Norwegian women must take responsibility for the fact that
Muslim men find their manner of dress provocative. And since these men
believe women are responsible for rape, the women must adapt to the
multicultural society around them.”
– Dr. Unni Wikan, Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Oslo

So, Dr Wikan, using your logic, it is the victim's fault they have been
raped? Not in this universe. You sir may have book smarts, but you sure
don't have any common sense.

And there you have it! Kicking out radical Muslims makes a nation safer
and peaceable. Women can walk around without fear of being raped,
people just get along a lot better.


Blog: Muslim leaders to hold 'Stand with the Prophet' conference in Texas this weekend

Blog: Muslim leaders to hold 'Stand with the Prophet' conference in Texas this weekend

Muslim leaders to hold 'Stand with the Prophet' conference in Texas this weekend

combat Islam's poor PR recently, Muslim leaders from across America
will hold a "Stand With the Prophet in Honor and Respect" conference in
Dallas on Saturday.  The forum will try to counter what they call
"Islamophobes" in America who have spread hate toward Muslims around the

Get a load of the lineup of speakers.

Washington Free Beacon:

of the event place the blame for Islam’s bad reputation on the media
and so-called American Islamophobes who have “invested at least $160
million dollars to attack our Prophet and Islam,” according to the conference web page.

speakers at the event will include Georgetown University professor John
Esposito, founding director of the school’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal
Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, which has come under fire
for, among other things, hosting 9/11 Truthers and a member of Egypt’s Nazi Party.

Also scheduled to attend the forum is controversial New York-based Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who was an “unindicted co-conspirator
in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings trial. Wahhaj has called the
FBI and CIA the “real terrorists” and expressed a desire for all
Americans to become Muslim, according to the New York Post.

of the conference claim that the media and Islamophobes in America are
the main reason why Islam and its prophet have such a bad reputation in
the Western world.

is not an event. It is the beginning of a movement,” organizers write
on their website, which blames Americans for giving Islam a bad name. “A
movement to defend Prophet Muhammad, his person, and his message.”

these accusations were invented by Islamophobes in America,” the group
claims. “As we celebrate the Prophet in our now annual, nationwide
event: Stand with the Prophet, we recommit ourselves to rectify his
image, peace be upon him.”

The event seeks to capitalize on outrage over cartoons and other materials mocking Mohammed in popular culture.

with Islamophobes defaming the Prophet?” the event materials ask.
“Fuming over extremists like ISIS who give a bad name to Islam? Remember
the Danish cartoons defaming the Prophet? Or the anti-Islam film,
‘Innocence of Muslims’?”

I think I'll pass.

"defaming the prophet" can mean just about anything, they're going to
be very busy getting outraged over "Islamophobes" who make jokes about
Mohammed, or put his image on a toilet seat, or perhaps simply speak
about him without the reverence and worship of some Muslims.  For any of
those transgressions, you can lose your head.

"Islamophobes" indeed.

may condemn ISIS, but what will be said about the Paris terrorist
attacks?  Given the tone of the conference, it wouldn't surprise me if
the terrorists weren't excused of their murders and perhaps justify
their actions with weasel words about Islam being a "religion of
peace."  It's become SOP for these "good Muslims" to dance around the
terrorist question and not face the fact that many in their midst turn
their outrage at insults to the prophet into murderous intent.

Ex-Muslim’s Open Letter to America: “What else has to happen so you wake up?”

Ex-Muslim’s Open Letter to America: “What else has to happen so you wake up?”

Ex-Muslim’s Open Letter to America: “What else has to happen so you wake up?”

Mark ChristianMark Christian is the President and Executive Director of the Global Faith Institute.
He is the son and nephew of high ranking leaders of the Muslim
Brotherhood in his home country of Egypt. He is working in Nebraska
against Muslim Brotherhood front groups’ malicious plans within the “Tri-Faith Initiative” in Omaha — details here.

“Ex-Muslim’s Open Letter To America: ‘WHAT ELSE HAS TO HAPPEN SO YOU WAKE UP?!,’ by Prissy Holly, Mad World News, January 11, 2015:

Meet Mark Christian, a brave man who has dedicated his life to exposing what Islam truly is all about.

After leaving Islam a decade ago to convert to Christianity, Mark
pulls no punches when speaking out about his former religion, frequently
calling out the Muslims who choose to murder in the name of their god.

“A god who is insecure enough to be offended by a
cartoon, and incompetent to the level that he wants you to avenge for
him, is not a god worthy of worship, but a devil who is leading you to
your demise.

“When people challenged Jesus, he made them walk on water, raised
them from the dead, and healed their sickness to prove ‘who He Is’ … But
when people challenged Mohamed, he chopped their heads off to prove his
power as a prophet … Well you chop my head off as much as you want. My
heart will continue to call on the name of my savior Jesus Christ.

“Where is the American spirit and the American soul? Where are those
who destroyed Hitler and brought down the Berlin Wall? When planes flew
into your buildings, knifes ran through your fellow citizens’ throats,
bombs went off in your Boston streets, Women and kids are screaming in
every country around the world. All of this and you are still calling
Islam the religion of peace … What else needs to happen for that Giant
to wake up, and liberate humanity from the bondage and the fear of
The following is an open letter from Mark, not just to
Americans, but to those professing to be “peaceful” Muslims. In the
light of the recent terror attacks in Paris, this message needs to be
heeded and applied before it is too late!

The circumstances we face are dire and we have no
coherent way of addressing it until we establish the stark, bright line
between Muslims who are willing to respect the religious liberty of
others (which must absolutely require the abandonment of vengeance over
insults, perceived or real) and those who count us as so many cattle,
ripe for slaughter and easily led.

Our society can no longer afford to self-censor when it comes to the
“hair trigger” that is Islam.  Muslims of the former type I described
above may be offended, and for this I am sympathetic; but Muslims of the
latter type will become enraged and will reveal to all the depth of
their incompatibility with civilized society. This is my aim: to force
these Muslims to expose their unacceptable radicalism for all to see,
but also to reach a self-realization of the depravity of that radicalism
that exists within themselves.

Being offended is uncomfortable for sure, but it is nothing compared
to being hunted and subjugated, which is the lot our Christian brothers
and sisters in Muslim-dominated lands endure, and as we saw in Paris;
and increasingly in our own western democracies. The source of this is a
foolish adherence to the idea of “multiculturalism,” enforced by a
misguided political correctness.  I believe you would heartily agree
that there is no verbal insult, nor cartoon that would move you to
murder.  However, hundreds of millions of Muslims worldwide disagree.

Part of the effort of the Global Faith Institute is
to expose the reality of these twisted beliefs, not just among the
jihadists (who we all know believe this) but more importantly, among the
so-called “moderate” Muslims.

The concept of killing over an insult is abhorrent, but is held to be
acceptable by a majority of Muslims.  Does this mean that a majority of
Muslims would kill over a cartoon? Of course not.  However it does mean
that a majority of Muslims would NOT stop a fellow Muslim from doing
so, and might even feel compelled to assist or support them either
financially, or through their silence. This concept is the bridge from
religion to savagery. If a Muslim accepts insult as justification for
violence, then it becomes possible  for them to move to the next stage –
honor killings, murder of apostates and infidels, etc.

Think of responding to insult with violence as the “gateway drug” to
all the evils that animate Islam today.  Break that link, and the rest
will collapse for lack of support.

We are at the point where the lack of a stark, bright line is
enabling death.  I must do all I can to draw that line, and force
Muslims to choose which side of that line they prefer. This is an
essential first step in exposing the radicalism that we both know
festers beneath the surface of many Muslims; even some of whom we call

Some of those “peaceful” Muslims are of the opinion that HAMAS is
doing nothing wrong by targeting civilians. They say are merely “acting
as anyone would toward an oppressor.” Their words, not mine.

We are in a war, declared by Islam against civilization itself.  As
war is not pretty, sometimes tactics within a battle are difficult as
well.  I have the greatest love for Muslims, as they are in fact the
first victims of Islam, and it is that love that leads me to force them
to address their own need for religious reform.  When one allows a
wayward son to sit at the Thanksgiving table while drunk and on drugs,
one is enabling that behavior.  Real love tells that son to be sober and
clean before entering this house.  The son will resist, but only
through that conflict can the problem be resolved.  So it is with Islam,
and those who follow it.
Mark is the founder of Global Faith Institute, whose mission is “To
inspire the lost with the hope of Christ; to equip America with
knowledge of the truth, greater than the evils of the age; to embrace
the role of “Watchmen,” that we might sound an alarm for all who will
Be sure and follow him on Facebook and on Twitter.

If you would like to read the exclusive interview Mark did recently with Mad World News, you can check that out here.

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Brock to Murdoch: Your Network Must Take A Stand

Brock to Murdoch: Your Network Must Take A Stand | Press/Bloggers | Media Matters for America

Brock to Murdoch: Your Network Must Take A Stand

January 10, 2011 1:16 PM EST MEDIA MATTERS STAFF

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jess Levin (202) 772-8162

Media Matters CEO calls for Beck, Palin to be reined in after AZ shooting

Washington, DC -- Today, in response to the tragic shooting in Arizona and the increasing focus on the tone of political discourse, Media Matters for America
founder and CEO David Brock issued an open letter to News Corp. CEO
Rupert Murdoch asking him to rein in Fox News personalities Glenn Beck
and Sarah Palin, both of whom frequently use violent and revolutionary

The letter reads:

Dear Mr. Murdoch,

the early days of 2009, I have warned your network and others in the
media about the very real dangers of extreme anti-government rhetoric
and the stoking of fear.

I cautioned against Glenn Beck's
proclamation that he was a "progressive hunter" and his statement that
the government was full of vampires before he instructed his viewers to
"drive a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers." And against Palin
revealing her 2010 "targets" with a map showing gun sights over 20
congressional districts, including that of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords,
urging followers to not "Retreat, Instead -- RELOAD." I said on national
television that inducing fear, anger, and the use of violent imagery
creates a climate of fear, suspicion, and paranoia that could lead to
another Oklahoma City.

I hoped my warnings would be heeded. Instead, they were cast aside.
after evidence emerged in October that California gunman Byron Williams
was inspired by Beck to attempt to assassinate progressive leaders and I
pleaded for Palin to set an example by condemning her Fox colleague's
violent and revolutionary rhetoric, Fox did nothing to address the

On Beck's radio show, he and Palin jovially mocked
my concern. For seven minutes on air, the pair joked about my plea to
tone down the rhetoric. Beck said it was "laughable," "sad," and
compared me to the "smelly kid in third grade." Palin giggled and said I
was "silly" and that my argument was "pathetic" and "desperate" before
ultimately concluding, "I stand with you, Glenn."

Beck and Palin
are two of Fox's most recognizable figures. Before this heartbreaking
tragedy in Arizona, you were either unwilling or unable to rein in their
violent rhetoric. But now, in the wake of the killings, your network
must take a stand. (I thought it did.  It did the best thing it could do.  Supports the Second Amendment.)

You have the power to order them to stop
using violent rhetoric, on and off of Fox's air. If they fail to do so,
it is incumbent upon you to fire them or be responsible for the climate
they create and any consequences thereof.

My previous warnings were laughed off and ignored. For the country's sake, I hope you take them more seriously now.


David Brock

Founder and CEO, Media Matters for America

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Malia Obama Pimps Vile Rap Group

Malia Obama Pimps Vile Rap Group; Smearing Women w/ Feces, Killing Cops

By Debbie Schlussel

Malia Obama is pimping a vile rap group, one of whose members goes by
the name of a gross sex act involving the anal canal and human waste.
The group, “Pro Era,” has a repertoire of “songs” filled with the
N-word, explicit sexual reference, and talk about killing police, raping
women, and other violence–you know, all the stuff for which they
apparently marched on Selma. Yup, the First Daughter is pimping this

For all their pretense at protecting their teen girls and raising
them as polite, upstanding citizens, the Obamas really aren’t paying
attention. Or they’re just fake and phony. Not sure which. Either
way, they clearly failed. Today, First Daugher Malia Obama posted a
photo on her Instagram account (since deleted), which depicts her
promoting disgusting rap group, “Pro Era.” The picture was taken from
the White House residence, where she took a selfie of herself in a
T-shirt bearing the “rap collective’s” logo. I guess she had no prob
with the group’s professed aim of “slaughtering pigs” a/k/a cops.

Pro Era’s members include a rapper who goes by the name, “Dirty Sanchez,” the slang name for a gross sex act involving defiling women with feces. Here are some lyrics from “Come Come,” one of the “songs” by Pro Era, featuring Dirty Sanchez:

Now it’s a shame that I got to hunt you

Banging on my homie, you won’t need Russell

Young n-gga, Running up, snatch and hustle

It’s a BK n-gga, bouta strap the muscle . . . .

24/7 and never ends all ho

.44 let my lungs feel smoke . . . .

Dirty want his money right now

And his credit

I deserve my respect for this shit that I imbedded

I am better than them n-ggas who pretended that they them n-ggas

Who be lying to them n-ggas who be buying they shit so

F-ck the government word to my brother man

From the 5th Flo’

Won’t get fed if your mouth is closed

That’s something he told me

The 47 Og’s running it low key

I’m still Dirty and I’m still 7:30

My vision is still blurry so picture perfect ain’t really certain

Blind bitch baby, does the cover match them curtains? . . .

Can’t say my whole team eating yet

But I’m cooking up a mess

Where syringes were pressed: dirty kitchen

I’m spillin’ all my kids on her dress, Started living what I’m thinking

Decider, we next stop

Stop and then frisk

Slaughtering pigs anybody can get it

Shooting stars, now make a wish

Rocking skins like the skins we rocking

Powerpuff smoking on that blossom

We’re running the game and this shit is exhausting

But I don’t give a f-ck cause this shit is awesome
Hmmm . . . instead of tweeting phony Twitter pics of herself holding a
sign with the hastag “#BringBackourGirls,” maybe Michelle LaVaughn
Robinson Hussein Obama Idi Amin Dada should send herself a hashtag:
#BringBackYourOwnDaughter, woman.

The Obamas: they mistook America’s need for class in the White House for ass in the White House. Not the same thing.

Hey, remember when the Republican Congressional press secretary was
forced to resign over a tweet about the Obama girls’ lack of decorum?
Well, she was right.

A couple of exit questions for Malia Obama:

Did you answer when your favorite rap group rapped, “Blind bitch baby, does the cover match them curtains?”

When your favorite “rap collective,” “Pro Era” raps “F-ck the government,” aren’t they talking about your dad?

Maybe Malia Obama’s trying to tell us something about her dad. Uh, honey, we already know.

“Pro Era” = The “Obama Era.” Yup, the President Camacho thing from the movie, “Idiocracy,” wasn’t a stretch at all.


One last thing: I knew it as only a matter of time before members of
the First Family would become their own reality stars and demand
sponsorships. Malia Obama just did it more quickly than I imagined.
Her first endorsement is this vile rap group. Congrats, bimbo.


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New Majority Will Continue Focus on Jobs & the Economy | Speaker.gov

New Majority Will Continue Focus on Jobs & the Economy | Speaker.gov

WASHINGTON, DC – At a press briefing today, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) discussed House Republicans’ continuing focus on Americans’ top priorities, and urged President Obama to work with the new Congress on solutions to help strengthen the economy and help middle class families.  Following are Boehner’s remarks:
“I’m going to start by congratulating my friend Senator Mitch McConnell.  As you know, Mitch and I have worked very closely together over the last eight years and I don’t think I could ask for a better partner, or do I think the Senate could have a better Majority Leader than Mitch McConnell. 
 “I also want to express my gratitude to the people of Ohio’s Eighth Congressional District.  You know, my mission is the same today as it was in 1990 when I was first elected: to build a smaller, less costly, and more accountable government here in Washington, DC.  And right now I believe that means continuing to listen, to make the American people’s priorities our priorities, and to confront the big challenges that face middle-class families, starting with the economy.
“You’ve heard me talk many times about the many jobs bills that the outgoing Senate majority has ignored.  Those bills will offer the Congress, I think, a new start.  We can act on the Keystone pipeline, restore the 40-hour work week that was gutted by ObamaCare, and pass the Hire More Heroes Act that would encourage our businesses to hire more of our veterans. 
“And again, this is just a start.  I’ve been going around the country outlining my own personal vision for how we can reset America’s economic foundation.  The energy boom that’s going on in America is real, and I think it provides us with a very big opportunity.  But to maximize that opportunity, I believe that we need to do five things and that is:
  • Fix our broken tax code; 
  • Address the debt that’s hurting our economy and imprisoning the future of our kids and grandkids; 
  • Reform our legal system; 
  • Reshape our regulatory policy to make bureaucrats more accountable, and; 
  • Give parents more choices in a system that isn’t educating enough of America’s children.
“Now, finding common ground is going to be hard work – but it will be even harder if the president isn’t willing to work with us.  Yesterday, we heard him say that he may double down on his go-it-alone approach.  Listen I’ve told the president before, he needs to put politics aside and rebuild trust – and rebuilding trust not only with the American people, but with the American people’s representatives here in the United States Congress. 
“This is the best way to deliver solutions to get the economy going again and to keep the American Dream alive and well.  This will be the focus of our new majority, and I’m eager to get to work.”
- See more at: http://www.speaker.gov/video/new-majority-will-continue-focus-jobs-economy#sthash.IXsti1Gf.dpuf

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QATAR is the Main Financier of Mosques Around the World

 Wake up Europe, it’s time to connect the dots. The West needs to block investments from Arab Gulf states, stop visas to Arab Muslims, stop oil trade, and most of all must stop Qatar from funding mega mosques all across Europe, U.S., Australia, and Canada.

Qatar Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani: spreading the Salafi movement and madrassah’s across Europe, while ‘investing’ to ease red tape and build contacts for quicker approvals and access.
Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani: spreading the Salafi movement
and madrassah’s across Europe, while ‘investing’ to ease red tape and
build contacts for quicker approvals and access.

Friends of Syria
Qatar is one of the driving forces behind Salafi (khilāfa) movement
through funding in the Middle East (Arab Spring) and underground
movement across the Western world. While Christians are being subject to
mass persecution across the Middle East, and churches are now to be
banned completely, Qatar’s emir has promised to “spread Islam at all
costs” outside of Islamic countries and are spending billions to build mosques and madrassah’s across Europe.



“In Spain there are signs that Islam
will dominate once again.” — Hizrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Spiritual
Leader, Ahmadiyya Community, Spain.

SPAIN - Cordoba - Puenta Romana

In Belgium a mega-mosque in Liège. 


In Hamburg, Germany, the former Kapernaumkirche (Capernaum Church), a cultural heritage site, is converted into a mosque.


In Munich, local politicians are debating [this is not a joke] where to build a massive mosque complex known
as the Center for Islam in Europe-Munich, funded for €40 million ($51
million), and is designed to be a key strategic platform for spreading
Islam throughout Europe.


In Greece the government has pledged to spend €1.1 million ($1.4 million) to build an official mosque in Athens, funded
by the Turkish government, another pro-Islamist leadership cloaked as
moderate.  An estimated 120 sites are illegally operating as mosques in
Athens. These makeshift spaces serve an estimated 200,000 Muslims living
in the city, many of whom are illegal immigrants from Afghanistan,
Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan. Does it sound similar to
Palestine, that was created by a similar, sudden and rapid influx of
illegal Arabs?
 Turkey’s ambassador
to Greece, Kerim Uras, said he expects Islam to have a higher profile in
Greece in the future. He said the move to open the mosque was “a
positive step in the right direction. We’re expecting the rest to come.”

Proposed ATHENS mosque being strongly protested
Proposed ATHENS mosque being strongly protested

In Ireland, a sprawling mega-mosque complex called
“Islamic Cultural Center” will be built for €40 million on a six-acre
site in Clongriffin. Rumors have it that the mosque will be financed by
Qatar, which recently donated €800,000 ($1 million) to build a mega-mosque in Cork.

IRELAND plans to build $84 million Islamic Center
IRELAND plans to build $84 million Islamic Center

In Luxembourg, a Muslim group called Le Juste Milieu (LJM)
is fund-raising €1.8 million to purchase a makeshift mosque in downtown
Luxembourg City. In August 2012, the German-language newspaper Tageblatt reported that the Qatar was paying €2.2 million to establish a mosque and madrassah in Luxembourg.


In Scotland, St. John’s Episcopal Church in Aberdeen has become the first church in the United Kingdom to share its premises with Muslim worshippers.

SCOTLAND Church Mosque
SCOTLAND Church Mosque

In Spain, Muslims inaugurated a new mosque on
March 21 in the northern Basque town of Portugalete.  The 50,000
Muslims in the Basque region, who hail mostly from Algeria, Morocco,
Pakistan and sub-Saharan Africa, have become increasingly assertive in
recent years.

Until recently, the Islamic Community
of Bilbao in Basque had the following statement posted on its website:
“We were expelled [from Spain] in 1609, really not that long ago. … The
echo of Al-Andalus still resonates in all the valley of the Ebro
[Spain]. We are back to stay, Insha’Allah [if Allah wills it].”
(Al-Andalus was the Arabic name given to the parts of Spain ruled by
Muslim conquerors from 711 until 1492.)


In Valencia, Spain, the third-largest
city in Spain, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community inaugurated a new mosque
on March 29.  The mosque was inaugurated by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad,
the spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Ahmad added:
“In Spain there are a million Muslims and we believe that in twenty
years this number will double. In Spain there are signs that Islam will
dominate once again.” He also said the mission of the new mosque would
be to “spread the teachings of Islam to every single citizen of Spain.”

SPAIN Valencia
SPAIN Valencia

In the Catalan municipality of Salt, a
town near Barcelona, Muslim immigrants now make up 40% of the
population, and work has begun on the construction of a two-story Salafi mega-mosque —
built by two Spain-based Salafist groups, Al Hilal Islamic Cultural
Association and Magrebins per la Pau Association, with funding from
Saudi Arabia.

BARCELONA's last bull fighting ring to become Europe's biggest mosquetrosity
BARCELONA’s last bull fighting ring to become Europe’s biggest mosquetrosity

In Switzerland, a Muslim group called Club Paradise is converting a bowling alley into a mosque. The future imam of the new mosque, Fehim Dragusha,
originally from Kosovo, made local headlines in late 2011 when he
called on Muslim parents to beat their children if they refuse to pray.


And this is only the beginning. There
are already 6,000 mosques in Europe – while churches are now being
banned completely through the entire Islamic world, and Christians are
murdered in the most brutal fashion.

WASHINGTON DC $100 Million Mosque Being Built a Stone’s Throw from DC Beltway
WASHINGTON DC $100 Million Mosque being built a stone’s throw from DC Beltway

Yet no one is connecting the dots.


The emir recently bought six Islands in Greece,
a known hub for illegal Muslim immigrants and extremists. These islets
are very close to the private port of Platygiali (nearby Astakos at the
coast of Ionian): a very strategical spot. Ioannis Kassianos,
Ithaca’s Greek-American mayor claims the emir wants to buy all 18
islands in the region. He further wants to develop the airport. Is no
one asking why?


While negotiating for the Taliban to
open their own “office” in his country and provide massive funding to
the terrorist run Muslim Brotherhood, the emir has been very busy in
acquiring more and more ownerships across Europe, with major investments
and purchases in London and other cities. It is Qatari money that was
instrumental in setting up al-Jazeera, though the station denies the
emir runs the show. al-Jazeera has now been expanded to run as a
propaganda machine in the U.S. to churn out highly whitewashed news
about Muslim crimes and violence around the world and turn them into
weepy victimization headlines.


Meanwhile the Salafi movement, funded by the Qatar Emir in cooperation with Saudi Arabia, just keeps expanding at a rapid rate.

It’s unfathomable that
countries like the UK continues and it’s Middle East envoy Tony Blair
continues to entertain business contracts with this dangerous, extremist
loving nation – aiding continued profits to grow for the Arabs while
they aid and abet the spread of extremism around the world at an
alarming rate.

Unable to connect the dots? Just open your eyes:

1.  Qatari investment fund pays £400m for Park Lane hotel

2.  Why London is a magnet for Qatar’s money

3.  How Qatar bought London

… but the very same emir of Qatar who is ‘investing’ in business is also
involved in a very aggressive, secret, and rapidly spreading effort to
build Salafi-Wahhabism cloaked as “cultural centers” across Europe:

4.  Ireland to Build One of Europe’s Largest Mosques

5.  The Islamization of France in 2012: Arab funding to promote Wahhabism and new government policies

6.  Europe: Mosque Building Shifts into High Gear (funded by Qatar)

7.  Taliban Opening Qatar Office, and Maybe Door to Talks

8.  Spreading tentacles of poison:  Qatar Pledges $500m for War-Ravaged Darfur

9.  Buying a wider and wider presence through Europe: Emir of Qatar buys six Greek islands for £7m

Have you noticed that the persecution of Christians have increased quick
and simultaneously across the Middle East? The Arabs now believe they
have a stronghold in the West, with millions of Muslims living in these
countries, giving them the power to push quicker developments for an
Islamic state.

10.  Saudi Arabia declares destruction of all churches in region

11.  The Emir of Qatar to inaugurate Gaza construction