Thursday, April 3, 2014

Muslim Brotherhood is set to launch its own political party in Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘Islamic States of America’

Designated by most of the world as a “terrorist organization,” the Muslim Brotherhood is set to launch its own political party in Barack Hussein Obama’s ‘Islamic States of America’


With an eye toward the 2016 election, the radical Muslim Brotherhood has built the framework for a political party in America that seeks to turn Muslims into an Islamofascist voting bloc. ’Muslim voters have the potential to be swing voters in 2016,” said Nihad Awad, executive director of terror-linked CAIR, in launching the benign-sounding U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations, whose membership reads like a Who’s Who of Brotherhood front groups.

Investor’s Business Daily (h/t M Johnston)  “We are aiming to bring more participation from the Muslim community.” USCMO also aims to elect Islamists in Washington, with the ultimate objective of “institutionalizing policies” favorable to Islamists — that is, Sharia law.


This development bears careful monitoring in light of the U.S. Brotherhood’s recently exposed goal to wage a “civilization jihad” against America that explicitly calls for infiltrating the U.S. political system and “destroying (it) from within.”
The subversive plan was spelled out in hundreds of pages of founding archives that the FBI confiscated from a Brotherhood leader’s home in the Washington suburbs after 9/11. Translated from Arabic, the secret documents listed a number of Brotherhood front organizations, like CAIR, — some of which just happen to make up the newly formed USCMO.


Front and center is the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations, the catalyst behind this Trojan horse jihadist political party.
CAIR is linked in federal criminal court documents to the terrorist group Hamas, the Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch. CAIR’s chief Awad, who announced the USCMO at the National Press Club, is so radioactive, the FBI refuses to do outreach with him and his so-called Muslim-rights group until it can “resolve whether there continues to be a connection between its executives and Hamas.”


Equally troubling is the Muslim American Society, another founding member of the USCMO. MAS was formed as “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States,” a 2007 Justice Department court filing states. A 2011 MAS press release praised Osama bin Laden as “a visionary who believed in an Islamic state in Afghanistan.”
The list of bad actors doesn’t end there. The chairman of America’s new Islamist party is none other than Oussama Jammal, who once headed the notorious Bridgeview Mosque in Chicago.


One of that mosque’s leaders was arrested and jailed for funneling millions to Hamas. And one of its most honored guests was bin Laden’s spiritual mentor, the late Palestinian cleric Abdullah Azzam. Some of Azzam’s relatives are Bridgeview members.
“The walls were covered with Hamas posters and recruiting literature showing masked gunmen brandishing automatic weapons. . . . You could see daggers plunged into Jewish hearts wrapped up in American flags,” said Steve Emerson, describing the mosque in his book “American Jihad.” “They even had a library filled with terrorist videos.”
As Bridgeview’s president, Jammal blasted the FBI for arresting terrorist members and even expressed doubts that al-Qaida was responsible for 9/11. Not to worry. As head of the USCMO, he’ll see to it that the council places “premium” importance “on defining the common good based on the Quran and the model of the prophet (Muhammad), and coordinating institutions to implement that common good in American society.”

Sign seen at protest of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Sign seen at protest against Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt

Jammal and his equally checkered Brothers have a 30-point “policy platform” for “promoting Islam’s core universal principles to benefit American society” — none of which includes combating radicalism within the Muslim community.
Can any Muslim join USCMO? Nope. First you must fill out a four-page application and pass Brotherhood inspection. Then you have to cough up $1,000 a year — $3,500 if you want a voting membership.
Islamic reformer Zuhdi Jasser says he won’t be accepted. That’s because, as he astutely observes, America’s first Muslim political party is made up “of the inner core of American Islamist organizations” trying to “deceive Americans as an innocent ‘Muslim coalition.’”


Monday, December 23, 2013

An Obamacare Christmas

An Obamacare Christmas

An Obamacare Christmas

The snowflakes were falling on Washington, D.C.
People were setting up their Christmas trees.
The chestnuts were roasting in Farragut Square,
With just a touch of magic in the silvery air.

But one man was unmoved by this Christmas drama.
Our 44th president, a grinch named Obama.
Looking out from the Oval Office, he took a grim view
As he surveyed the scene on Pennsylvania Avenue:

“Look at them out there,” he said to Sebelius.
“Ringing Christmas bells and singing old songs melodious.
But while they’re all caroling ‘O Holy Night,’
They’re badly neglecting my health care website.

“I gave them reform—they’ve been asking for years.
I pushed it through Congress, over Republicans’ fears.
They said ‘It’s a mistake. We are loath to begin it.’
But Pelosi said, ‘Pass it and then see what’s in it.’

“We Democrats passed it right down party lines.
They’ll all pay fair shares or else face hefty fines.
Republicans whined it’s ‘not how lawmaking’s done!’
To which we responded, ‘Get over it. We won.’

“The Supreme Court endorsed it, a ruling of note,
When Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote.
I’m thankful his Commerce Clause interpretation was lax—
It isn’t a mandate, it’s only a tax!

“I had to make sure that the website worked well,
So I hired an old classmate of my wife, Michelle.
We spent $600 million and it took us three years,
But when the launch date came there was nothing but tears.

“Malfunctions were legion with crash after crash.
We were gonna need more of the taxpayers’ cash.
How much? We’re not telling! But no need to fret.
The law will be great, on that you can bet!

“In the meantime, with things all a tatter,
I held a press conference to quell all the chatter.
I gave a phone number, surely that would do,
But wouldn’t you know, they couldn’t get through.

“Now Congress and their staffs view the law with contempt,
But they’ll quiet down soon, ’cause they’ll all be exempt!
The gift of waivers I gave to businesses and friends.
With executive powers like mine, there’s really no end.

“Ted Cruz tried to stop it with all he could muster.
Why, he even held an old-fashioned talking filibuster.
He shouted ‘defund!’ for 21 hours,
But it didn’t take long for his fellow Republicans to cower.

“Still, signups were sluggish. They had to be faster,
Or else my new law would be a disaster.
I needed young people, the healthiest kind,
To pay for the rest. They’re politically blind!“

To subsidize old people across the nation,
We’re going to plunder the next generation.
It seemed so simple till the young folk got annoyed
They’re paying more taxes, but still unemployed.

“So, in an effort to make sure enrollments don’t plummet,
I decided it was high time to hold a youth summit.
‘You’re healthy right now, you young people,” I said.
‘But who knows? Tomorrow you all could be dead!

“‘To buy health insurance is your civic duty.
It’s a great deal, I promise. It’s really a beauty.’
But youngsters can tell when a salesman is lying.
They’re not signing up. They’re simply not buying.

“Affordable health care? It sure sounded nice.
Until people discovered the increase in price.
The premiums soared. There was something amiss.
Befuddled consumers cried “I can’t afford this!”

“People aren’t signing up and the website’s still broken.
The polling is in and the people have spoken.
They don’t like the law, and they’re upset with me.
They don’t like broken promises, apparently.”

Obama turned from the window with a sigh and a frown.
Kathleen shrugged her shoulders and said, “Don’t be down.
You got your law passed, with your trademark audacity.
Who cares if the website is filled to capacity?

“The law is in place, and they’ll have to submit.
So chin up! Shoulders back! We will win bit by bit.”

Matt Kibbe is the President and CEO of FreedomWorks and author of Hostile Takeover: Resisting Centralized Government’s Stranglehold on America.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Barack Hussein Obama is in bed with Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood

More evidence that Barack Hussein Obama is in bed with Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood

Ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi (from prison) to the CIA: “How could America and its security institutes abandon me, while I served them sincerely and cooperated with them?”


Canada Free Press (h/t Mike F)   The Muslim Brotherhood still dreams of the return of their ousted president Mohamed Morsi.  Yet with 90% of their senior leaders arrested and facing trial, losing popular support and getting banned and regarded as a terrorist organization their return-to-power yearning seems far fetched.

(In total opposition to Obama Regime policy on Egypt, showing a bit of spine for a change) U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry recently said that the Muslim Brotherhood had stolen the Egyptian revolution, and several reports confirm that the U.S. administration realize now that they were betting on the losing horse.


Morsi faces charges ranging from incitement to killing demonstrators, high treason, spying for foreign countries, covering up for registered terrorists, among other crimes (like allegedly selling 40% of Sinai to Obama for $8 billion so he could give it to Hamas). He will spend the rest of his life in prison, if he’s lucky enough not to receive a death sentence.

Recent confidential reports mention that Morsi was in shock and suffering severe depression after Kerry’s comments. He feels that the Americans have begun to abandon him in favor of the new Egyptian government.  Morsi sent a message through his prison visitors to the CIA saying: How could America and its security institutes abandon me?”


Brotherhood leaders have started to communicate with their sympathizers and affiliates inside the U.S. administration to clarify the reasons behind John Kerry’s recent statements. A high source inside the Brotherhood said that the Brotherhood leaders in America asked the CIA: Why did you leave the Brotherhood and forsake them. Naturally,  the source did not say what the response of the U.S. intelligence was.

This coincides with reports of the intense disagreement between Susan Rice, the national security adviser and John Kerry regarding the way the United States should be dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood and with the new Egyptian government.

Brotherhood leaders, members and sympathizers do not want to believe reality and continue their dream of the return of Morsi. Brotherhood activists organize demonstrations almost every day, despite the new laws regulating demonstrations giving police the right to respond forcefully when demonstrations turn violent.


















Monday, August 5, 2013

August 2013 WORLDWIDE Terror Alert & The Closing Of Embassies: Not Happening In A Vacuum…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki | Adina Kutnicki

August 2013 WORLDWIDE Terror Alert & The Closing Of Embassies: Not Happening In A Vacuum…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki | Adina Kutnicki

Here's the final statement of this post and it speaks volumes.  Some will simply shake their head, others will smirk and laugh, some will give it a little lip service, some will call the author and writer of this piece an idiot, but a few will say yes we have indeed come to this place in our history.  It's truly sad that America no longer has defenders that honestly put her first.  No, today's leaders think only of themselves and what they will get out of the deal.
Everyone who voted for President Obama should be absolutely
ashamed and disgusted that you sold your American patriotism
for 30 pieces of progressive socialism.
For the first time in the history of our (formerly) great country,
a two-bit, piece of shit terrorist organization, Al Qaeda, has forced the world's only super power to abandon over twenty locations of
sovereign US territory out of fear for Muslim jihadis!
Do you Obama voters understand the
breadth and depth of what that means?
Do you Obama voters even care that America has now officially been defeated by a small, but highly committed group of Muslim warriors?
Do you Generals who worship at the altar of Obama, sacrificing your self-respect and abandoning your oath to this nation understand
that AQ has defeated your great military?
You Generals are so focused on your pensions and Board seats you don't realize
that your hi-tech-whiz-bang toys are useless when you no longer have
the will to fight to win.
Do all you "progressive" University professors realize that your years of indoctrination
have finally paid off and now your hated America has received her just deserts?
As we at The United West have been screaming for years, in order to
defeat the enemy you must understand the enemy. By design, this President and his Administration, including key Generals and Flag officers have refused to
fulfill their professional obligation to understand the threat doctrine of Islam.
Conversely the enemy, which includes but is not limited to Al Qaeda,
fully understands their enemy, America, and has forced us to run and hide
like a third world banana republic.
The actions of the President and many current military leaders are actions
that have betrayed all those who proudly volunteered to put on the
American uniform to fight and die. Moreover, Obama has betrayed
every American who wants to fight and defeat the enemy.
Ironically, the traitorous actions of the President have NOT betrayed
all who voted for him as they were fully aware of his efforts to
appease Islamic terrorism.
Obama and these voters hoped that the jihadis would change and
worship Obama just as his Generals now worship the President.
Wake up America!
In 2008 we told you Obama's appeasement leads to defeat!
In 2009 we told you Obama's apology to Muslims in Cairo leads to defeat!
In 2012 we told you Obama's appeasement leads to defeat!
Once again, terror hunter, Tom Trento takes no prisoners. IF only the likes of such a patriot was at the helm!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Does God Exsist?

If you are a person who likes to consider things and think about the possibilities that some hard 'facts' may be incorrect, then this video might get your juices flowing.  For anyone who believes there is no God, then maybe this may give you a couple of things to think about.

Acts 17: The Kalam Cosmological Argument: Philosophers have offered several versions of the "Cosmological Argument" for God's existence. These arguments attempt to move...